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Magic Defender Instructions

Magic Defender is controlled by using the mouse. Place towers, cast spells, and interact with the game's interface by using the mouse. Press the escape key to cancel a selection.

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You may have heard of killer bees, but have you heard of killer jujubes? In Magic Defender, you must protect your lands from gummy invaders! This strategy game features colorful graphics, awesome animation, and sixteen maps.

If you are familiar with the tower defense game genre, then Magic Defender should not be too difficult for you to pick up. Your objective is to prevent enemy units from reaching the end of the path by constructing towers to stop them. Each time an enemy reaches the end of the path, a life is lost. When all lives are lost, the game is over. Luckily, you have unlimited retries should you fail a mission, and your progress is saved, allowing you to continue from the last level that you unlocked.

Towers are pretty expensive in Magic Defender, and the amount of money earned from enemies that you kill is meager. Since your funds are so limited, you will have to make wise investments when placing and upgrading towers. Try to place towers to cover as much of the track as possible. If you want to maximize your firepower in a certain area, it is a better idea to purchase upgrades for a tower in that area than to place another tower. It is much cheaper to upgrade towers than it is to purchase new ones, and the funds used to build a new tower would be better-used for a tower covering a different section of the track.

Another way to get the most out of your money in this strategy game is to purchase upgrades between levels. Upgrades increase the performance of your towers and spells, unlock additional abilities of your towers, or reduce the prices of towers and in-game upgrade. Upgrades are bought using stars earned based upon your performance in each level. If you need additional stars, try to beat levels without losing a single life to earn three-star ratings!

Magic Defender may not win any prizes for originality, but it is still a solid tower defense game. If you are a fan of the TD genre, then give Magic Defender a shot; you won't be disappointed!