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Million Dollar Tower Defense Instructions

Alright, Million Dollar Tower Defense - well, good thing, the controls of this game is NOT as hard as trying to earn millions of dollars. You just need to use your mouse's left click to do just about anything you need to do. Not to mention there are Hot Keys available too to make your game playing sessions much easier. Let's take a look at some of the stuff you need to keep in mind to play this game decently.

Million Dollar Tower Defense Walkthrough

The game flow is pretty straight forward and brutal - kill incoming creep waves, research technologies for more powerful defenses and towers, and use it to kill creeps faster. Now here's a reminder: many of the towers use power. So you better keep an eye on your power meter and be careful that it doesn't get drained. Eventually, you should build up a war chest. YES, trust me you are going to need it. Max out your tower techs. The evil CORE boss is one beefy and powerful beast and you will need all of the help that you can get to take it out.

Well, there is more to Million Dollar Tower Defense than just an ordinary tower defense game. For one thing, it's an innovative way to raise funds! When you play the game, you can buy Sprites. This is a game where you can own unique and awesome sprites...your own character in the game. You can pick your own image and associate a link that will appear in the game as a character as well as on the official website. When the game gets popular, so does your Sprite and the site associated with it. This means you have a chance of being seen by billions of people all over the globe.

Cool way to raise funds indeed, BUT sticking to the game, Million Dollar Tower Defense comes with the most common aspects of Tower defense games - build up defenses, go for upgrades, defeat the boss, so on and so forth. Nothing special, nothing fancy - BUT it's definitely a good way to kill time.