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mini Tower Defence (mTD) Instructions

Point and click to build towers you can afford; upgrade existing towers as enemy waves grow stronger. Q, W, E, A, S, D, Z, and X are all hotkeys for towers you can quickly build. Hit ESC to cancel the building of any tower.

mini Tower Defence (mTD) Walkthrough

mini Tower Defence is a flash game with a deceptive title - while you may start out thinking that this is just a very simple tower defense game, it's definitely not. It's a full-length game and a pleasant surprise for any fans of the genre. Not only are there tons of different missions, but there are plenty of towers to choose from and lots of achievements to unlock. You'll have plenty to do with this game, especially as it challenges you to beat levels with an expert score; something that can only be accomplished by sending multiple waves early, which isn't the easiest task in any tower defense game.

So, to start out, your goal is to complete every mission you can without losing more than ten lives. If you do, it's a game over, and you'll have to start over. Although, you can beat missions you've previously completed over to gain upgrade points - in doing so, you'll be able to get bonuses you normally wouldn't, and if you can't complete the current mission you're on, you should be able to with enough upgrade points.

Next, if you want to get the expert score on any mission, you're going to have to beat the mission very quickly. And not only will you get the expert score, but you'll get a lot of upgrade points, too, so it's worth getting the expert score on every mission anyways. To beat each mission quickly, you'll have to have a lot of starting money, build your towers up right at the beginning of the round, and then call every wave in at once. While you may not be able to do this with levels you're struggling with, it's really easy to accomplish this with earlier missions.

After getting enough upgrade points, you should be able to take on anything mini Tower Defense throws at you. It's unlike other tower defense games in that it lets you replay earlier levels over, and if you're having a tough time, this can really help you out. If you're looking for something to pass the time with, mini Tower Defense is the perfect tower defense game to do so.