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Minifig Zombie TD Instructions

Point and click to build towers and defend yourself from the onslaught of zombie invaders.

Minifig Zombie TD Walkthrough

Minifig Zombie TD is a Lego/zombie themed tower defense game. There are nine maps you can choose from, well, three from the start - you have to unlock later levels by completing the first three. And in some of the first levels, you won't have access to some of the best towers, so you're going to want to play the more challenging maps later on.

When you start playing, you'll notice that there are two important points on the map - two hearts and two white crosses. The white crosses are where the enemy zombies spawn, it's the graveyard, and the two hearts represent your life. If the zombies end up making it to the end of the map, and to your hearts, you'll lose a life for every zombie that escapes. So, you'll have to build towers to stop these undead assailants.

You can only build on gray tiles. There are trees and boulders that do take up space on some of these tiles, and you can remove the trees for a small amount of money, but the boulders stay where they are. With already a limited amount of room to build on, it's a good idea to get rid of as many trees as you can, but only later on in the game. They can be quite expensive to get rid of at first.

At the end of every round you'll gain a small amount of interest depending on how much money you currently have. It can be a good idea to hold onto large amounts of money rather than constantly buying new things in Minifig Zombie TD, but it can lead to a game over, so make sure you defenses are always adequate.

Minifig Zombie TD isn't your usual tower defense game, but with a bunch of different towers, maps, and enemies, it offers quite a bit. The early levels can be completed quite easily, but the later maps will get you beyond frustrated. With limited tower space, enemies that never seem to stop spawning, and limited funds, things can get quite tense in later waves. But don't let that get to you - they're only Lego zombies.

If you're looking for something to do, try unlocking the harder maps this game has to offer - they're worth it. Or, if you just want to play a casual game of tower defense, with zombies, here you go.