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NTCreature Instructions

NT Creature is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your creature by using the arrow keys (or the WASD keys). Click the left mouse button to attack and the E key to eat enemies. The F key is used to activate your creature's special skill. The mouse is used to interact with the game's interface. The escape key pauses the game.

NTCreature Walkthrough

NT Creature is a role-playing game, action game, and tower defense game all rolled into one! This strategy game features stylized graphics, creature evolution, and addictive gameplay. It should be noted that only one starting creature is available in this version of the game.

The objective of NT Creature is to prevent enemies from attacking your base, similar to a standard tower defense game. Unlike most TD games, however, the vantage point is similar to a side-scrolling platform game rather than a top-down perspective. You can also use your creature to kill or to eat enemies. When all enemies are defeated, the level will end. You can save your progress between levels, so you will not have to complete this entire game in one session.

The control scheme of NT Creature has more in common with those of platform games than those of typical tower defense games. Move your monster by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys). You will have to jump from platform-to-platform in order to stop enemies before they reach your base. The left mouse button is used to attack. The E key is used to eat enemies. You do not earn money for enemies that your monster eats, but when enough enemies are eaten, your monster will be able to evolve. Evolved monsters have special abilities that can be used by pressing the F key.

With evolution, your monster can become powerful, but it cannot be everywhere at once. This is where towers can help. Towers can be built one nodes (points on the map that look like circular gears). An effective strategy is to use towers to cover one side of the map while using your creature to defeat enemies on the other side. Experiment with different strategies to find out what works best for you. Remember that if you want more money to build towers, you will have to avoid eating enemies in this tower defense game. Eating equals evolution; killing equals cash!

NT Creature is a unique blend of platformer and tower defense game that fans of either genre will enjoy. The variety of possible playing styles also gives this strategy game immense replay value.