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Onslaught 2.2 Instructions

As for the controls of Onslaught 2.2, they're anything BUT complicated. Just make sure that your mouse's left click button is working and you should be well on your way to upgrading your towers, building them, linking them together, and creating devastating combos that will leave your opponents in dust. YES, this game is very action packed! Let's take a closer look.

Onslaught 2.2 Walkthrough

Onslaught 2.2: so here's the scenario - attackers are coming...beefed up and ready to fight their way to Area 51. Your duty? Fortify the defenses, make it devastating, and prevent the attackers from getting through. For every head of an attacker to take down, there is a cash bounty. BUT don't rejoice yet. Each wave is tougher than the previous one. No, that cash you earn won't go for that vacation you are dreaming of. Use it wisely, to fortify your defenses and keep the attackers off of Area 51.

Here's how to defend your base: build powerful weapons. You have red, green, blue, and yellow turrets at your disposal. Red turrets are the perfect killing machines: they have excellent range, high rate of fire, as well as dealing the most amount of damage. HOWEVER, they are the most expensive of the bunch as well. Green turrets on the other hand have average range, average rate of fire, and good damage. The good thing is that they are very cheap to upgrade. The blue ones on the other hand have excellent damage BUT limited range. You can upgrade their damage by 4 levels and their rate of fire will freak out. Yellow turrets, though, are poor on just about anything. BUT here's what: they can poison the enemies...resulting in a signifcant reduction in movement speed. And it takes long before they recover.

Alright, these towers alone are very strong and useful. BUT without upgrades, they are NOT good enough to match the tougher and more powerful attackers. How to step up the heat? Simple: upgrade your weapons by using modifier turrets. Plain modifiers are the first and best option. BUT they are expensive as hell! On the other hand, you have Exchange Turrets. These are like modifier turrets BUT one attribute is increased in exchange for a decrease on the other. However, when it comes to price, they are unbeatable.

Yet again, upgrades can only take you so far. You need combos! These are powerful weapons that are triggered by a group of different turrets that are placed together. There are 2 conditions though to trigger combo weapons: (1) all of the turrets should be very close together...no gaps, no spaces in between (2) and the turrets in the bunch should have their damage upgraded and beefed up to the max!

Action packed indeed! This tower defense game will really bring some onslaught in your screen!