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Paper Defense Instructions

Paper Defense is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place turrets and walls. The arrow keys are used to pan the camera.

Paper Defense Walkthrough

Paper Defense is a strategy game where you must defend your base from attackers. This tower defense game features a unique system of building turrets, two gameplay modes, and stylish graphics.

The two modes featured in Paper Defense are Normal Mode (accessed by clicking "Start Game") and Survival Mode. In Normal Mode, your objective is to protect the trophy in your base from fifty waves of enemy attackers. Normal Mode can be played on easy, normal, or hard difficulty levels; if you are new to this tower defense game, I advise you to play on the easy difficulty level. In Survival Mode, your objective is to defend your trophy for as long as possible against endless hordes of enemies.

Unlike most tower defense games, Paper Defense gives you a two-dimensional side view of the action rather than a top-down vantage point. Its building system also differs from that of other games in the genre. Instead of placing turrets on the ground, turrets are built on walls surrounding your base. Additional walls can also be built on walls to extend the reach of turrets and increase the number of turrets that can be placed. Different walls have different effects on your turrets as well, such as increasing the money earned from kills by turrets, increasing the range of turrets, and increasing the damage done by turrets. Walls can even be upgraded to enhance these effects.

Aside from turrets, units can also be built to help you fend off your enemies. To build a unit, select the type of unit that you wish to build, then click the button labeled "Build Unit". Units cannot be controlled and will automatically attack their nearest enemy. Units are very useful in this defense game since they can move to attack enemies on either side of your base, while turrets can generally only cover one side.

Paper Defense is a change from the mundane gameplay found in dime-a-dozen tower defense games found on the Web. If you are a fan of the genre and want a break from the ordinary, then Paper Defense is worth giving a try!