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Paper War Instructions

Use 1-5 hotkeys for quick tower building, Q-R on your keyboard to switch between ink colors. Point and click to build, upgrade, and sell defensive towers.

Paper War Walkthrough

Paper War is a massive tower defense game, consisting of twenty levels, besides having the feature to build your own. If you're looking for a tower defense game that's a challenge, you've found it with Paper War.

You'll start the game on the first level - a wide map that's relatively easy. Only the first tower is available, since later levels will unlock better towers, but you can also use your cursor as a weapon -an interesting twist that isn't often seen in most tower defense games.

To start, build your first tower and call on a wave of enemies. If you think the game is going to slow, or if you want more of a challenge (and more points), you can call more waves of enemies out by clicking on the bar at the top of the game screen. You'll get more points for doing this, but it also makes the game much harder.

After you kill off a few enemies, you'll notice that you're unlocking achievements - you can get these by killing certain enemies, certain amounts of enemies, and by building a certain amount of towers. Try out a bunch of different strategies to unlock all of the achievements available in Paper War.

You'll have a bunch of different towers to choose from, at least you will in later maps, and you'll also get different colored ink for your cursor. While playing Paper War, you can attack enemies yourself by using your cursor, and different colored inks will have different effects - but they're limited in quantity. Only the ink you start out with (green) is unlimited, so when you're attacking enemy creepers yourself, make sure you use them in moderation.

A game like Paper War takes a long time to beat - there are twenty levels, besides the fact that you can make your own, and there's also a ton of achievements to unlock. The later maps can be immensely difficult, too, so you'll have quite a challenge if you decide to take this game. Remember, you can speed up enemy waves by clicking on the multiplier in the top-left corner of the game screen, and you'll gain more points than you normally would by doing so, but this makes the game much more difficult - and sometimes more fun.