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Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II Instructions

Point and click to place newly purchased towers, to upgrade existing towers, and to sell unwanted towers.

Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II Walkthrough

Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II is a sequel that excels its predecessor in every regard. With more maps, game modes, and towers, you'll be able to play this one much longer than the first. If you enjoy tower defense games especially, then you'll really like what Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II has to offer: classic tower defense gameplay with new modes and strategic maps.

So, like the first game, your objective is to strategically place towers on your map in an effort to destroy every single enemy creeper that tries to get past you. Although that may sound a little complicated, this tower defense game is extremely easy to get used to. Try out classic mode if you're not exactly sure what to do and unlimited mode if you're looking for a long run.

Some other new modes include Kingslayer mode, where a supercreep immune to everything will appear at the start of the game, and including the regular creeps, you have to destroy it by the end of the game or else you lose. It's worth mentioning that every game mode has more than one map - so there's more than enough replay value found in Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II.

Another mode you'll like is Maze mode. In it, creeps are given several paths to travel though, and, being random, you're going to have to rely on luck and timing to win. This is probably one of the most difficult modes you'll find in any tower defense game - there are moments where you'll have to sell a whole line of towers and relocate them in a single wave - so you'll be quite busy with that mode.

If you're new to the genre, or if you've never played the first game, PIxelshocks' Tower Defence, this is still a great game to start with. There are six different towers to choose from, all upgradeable, spells you can cast to adversely affect your enemies (and some that will benefit you), and a bank where you can gain interest with extra money. With the huge variety of gameplay modes, too, this is one game you don't want to miss. Overall, PIxelshocks' Tower Defence II improves upon the first game immensely, and is one of the best tower defense games you'll find online. Just remember to upgrade your towers!