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Pokemon Tower Defense Instructions

As far as the controls department goes, Pokemon Tower Defense is a game that's very easy to handle. Just like most tower defense games out there, you don't need a heck lot to play this game. Just make sure you have a good and working mouse... the ability to click and the ability to think for yourself. You should be able to play this game in no time.

Pokemon Tower Defense Walkthrough

Here's the scenario: a gang of wild Rattata attacks the lab of Professor Oak and you need to stop them before they destroy everything and everyone in the lab. You are now sent on your own Pokemon journey. You need to catch and train all of the Pokemon and use whatever power they have to solve the mystery and find out who's behind these attacks. If you are a HUGE fan of the original Pokemon series then you will love this tower defense game: think about this, it showcases all of the 151 original Pokemons! Yeah, you gotta catch 'em all. This is one of those point and click tower defense games that will surely get you hooked thanks to the graphics and the game play. Once you have chosen which version you want to play, red or blue, it's time for some action!

As I have mentioned earlier, the game is controlled entirely by the mouse, and that means you shouldn't have any trouble playing the game. There are commands and keyboard shortcuts that you can learn in game, which will make it even easier for you to keep up. The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to stop enemy Pokemons from gathering or stealing a certain item on every level. The items you need to protect can be anything from rare candies to something as precious as pokeballs. You need to use your own Pokemons for these defensive missions and to use one, all you have to do is click and drag the pokemon to the square you want. Once it is established where you want it to, it will use the move that it has been assigned with to eliminate all intruders.

Throughout the game, especially in the later levels, you want your army of Pokemon to be even stronger and you need to capture other Pokemons for this. To capture a poken, just wait until its health bar turns red and is ready for capture. To seal the deal, just click and drag that large pokeball you see at the lower left corner onto the pokemon. If you have done it correctly, you shouldn't have any trouble capturing the pokemon if your choice.

When you start off the game, you will be taken to Professor Oak's lab where he will give you a choice of 3 starter Pokemon: you have Bulbasaur, you can pick Charmander, or you can go for Squirtle. Just in case you are a newbie when it comes to pokemons, these are grass, fire, and water type pokemons respectively. Once you have taken your pick, you will then be taken to the cut scene where Team Rocket is planning to hypnotize the Rattatas and steal the Rare Candies hidden in the lab.

Oh! One last note: the final wave... where there is a Rattata that is much stronger than the rest (who happens to be called boss), do NOT lose faith. You see, once you defeat it, the rest of the rattatas will charge and winning it is simply impossible. Instead of throwing up tantrums and complaining how life is so unfair, just hold on a little bit longer. Help will come. Gary Oak will enter the lab and he will unleash Blastoise to eliminate the Rattatas... which means you get a happy and quite a fair ending.