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Protector Instructions

Protector - this tower defense game, which is fortunately friendly enough to be played by people from all age ranges, comes with controls that are easy to understand and execute. What do you need to do? Just make sure that your mouse's left click button works and you will be well on your way to constructing those defensive towers and units, selling them when needed, grabbing upgrades, and pummeling your enemies to oblivion.

Protector Walkthrough

Protector - what I love about this isometric defense game is that it comes with elements from RPG games and beefed up even better with some of the best aspects of multiplayer strategy games. No, just building and establishing towers won't get you to the finish line in Protector. You need something else...something more than that!

Alright some basic tips and reminders first: to start off the game, you need to click somewhere in the map - somewhere to start. It will take you directly to the scene of the battle where you have to deploy your basic units...each of them worth 25 gold points (advanced ones are expensive! 300 gold points).

Anyway, your basic units can use magic, some use fire, ice, and poison. How do you place them on the map? Simple, click on the unit, try to place them somewhere on the map, if the area it covers turns green then that means you can plant it there. Just click and VIOLA! You are all set. Oh! One more reminder, make sure you have the gold for it.

When you think you have placed your towers optimally, just hit the initiate wave button and get ready for some action as it will unleash a wave of creeps (and monsters) that you need to destroy. To finish a stage in Protector, you need to eliminate and get through all 10 creep waves - each wave has different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

One more reminder: you can build and establish defensive units while the waves of creeps are coming in. For every creep you kill, you get gold for it...allowing you to build stuff and fortify your defenses while on the go.

Upgrades: this is what sets Protector apart from other tower defense games out there. You don't just purchase and establish defensive towers, keep earning gold for every creep you kill, you get to upgrade your towers too! Fire focus, cold focus, poison focus, energy focus - these are the basic upgrades...allowing you to purchase and plant the mages and defensive towers who mastered these arts for less gold points. Further into the skill tree, you will find upgrades that allow you to beef up the attacking power of the said towers and mages.

Necromancers, Alchemist, Archers, Warriors - these are the advanced units. Getting the first level of upgrade starts your journey into training and refining these excellent defenders...BUT doesn't have immediate benefit. No, not just yet. BUT believe me, this is something you want in the long run as you will be facing tougher, nastier, and more powerful opponents later into the game.

Protector - the tower defense game that comes with nice elements from RPG and multiplayer strategy games. I'm sure you will love it!