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Protector III Instructions

Point and click to place your troops - arrows indicate where enemy creepers are coming from and where they're headed.

Protector III Walkthrough

The third Protector installment, Protector III is a tower defense game that does not disappoint in the least. It's up to you to stop the waves and hordes of monsters, and to do so, you'll have to enlist the help of soldiers and mages alike - making this medieval-themed tower defense game quite the challenge. Mages will be able to attack air units, while knights and soldiers will do a better job with grounded enemies. At least, they do in the beginning.

Protector III has a plethora of levels to choose from. That is, as long as you beat the previous level to unlock the next. With a world map, a tavern to hire a unique hero that's ridiculously strong, and a huge list of options, Protector III is more of a full-version game than anything else. If that's the kind of tower defense game you're looking for, then this is the game for you.

The first map may seem easy enough, but as you unlock new troops and towers to build, the waves of enemies you'll face will grow exponentially stronger. You can check to see what waves are coming at you, by clicking on the wave number when on a map, so you can prepare yourself for air waves as well as special-ability ridden monsters.

Next, there are eight different in-game tracks to listen to, all available through the sound menu at the top of the screen. If don't like listening to the screams of medieval monsters, you can mute in game sound effects and music at any time, too.

After you've completed enough maps, and once you have enough gold, you can purchase a unique hero at the tavern menu while you're in between maps. Hiring one of these heroes is one of the best things you can do, and the hero you pick will be worth every piece of gold you spend on him. Remember that all towers, troops, and heroes are upgradable - and when you're upgrading mages and knights, there are elemental directions you can lead them into, also. You can have a fire-based knight, or a poison-based one, if you want, depending on which enemies you're going to be facing, and this makes Protector III a very versatile game.

If you're looking for a slow-paced, dull tower defense game, look somewhere else. Protector III is one of the best tower defense games available online, play it to find out why.