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Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Instructions

Being one of the more popular real time and strategy based games on the internet, Protector: Reclaiming The Throne requires a lot of mouse abuse (that's especially true for the left click button) as well as getting those creative juices flowing. Stationing mages, leveling up and upgrading skills, positioning warriors, initiating against a creep wave - all of these and more require mouse work (left click mouse work to be specific). Sounds boring? Well, in paper and in theory, it does! BUT wait til you actually play the game!

Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Walkthrough

Protector: Reclaiming The Throne - this is a follow up to Protector, a game from the same genre. This comes with a lot of enhancements on the key aspects of the original game while bringing forward new ideas as well as a brand spanking new campaign. This real time and strategically challenging game takes tower defense games to a whole new level!

The aim? It's pretty much the same with the other tower defense games out there - that is to wipe out the approaching creep wave before they can cross the map and reach the end.

First off, check out the skills tab. You will see 3 more different tabs - Warrior, General, and Mage. These pertains to the skills and upgrades you can get for your defensive towers (Warrior, General, and Mage).

Want to add more firepower to the attacks of your Mages? Want more powerful icy and cold attacks? What about adding poison to the attacks of your Warriors? Whatever it is that you want to do, if it's about beefing up the skills and attacks of your defensive towers, you can do it all at the Skills Tab.

Each level in Protector: Reclaiming A Throne comes with at least 10 levels. You will start with the most basic enemies like Rats. As you move to the next waves, though, things get tougher and tougher! What about fighting against a Ratman General.,,one that is immune to poison and regenerates hit points as they move within the maze? What about going up against a LizardMan Leader that is immune against almost anything you throw at it...PLUS comes with a massive amount of hit points?

As you move along the creep waves, you will encounter these monstrous beings and more!

Protector: Reclaiming The Throne - this game reminds me a lot of the custom Warcraft maps that I have played before...BUT with a good twist! I'm pertaining to the Skills Upgrade Tab, which gives the game a Generals or Starcraft's feel to it.

Exciting, good graphics, and truckloads of missions to complete - I'm giving Protector: Reclaiming The Throne 2 thumbs up!