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Ravine Instructions

Ravine - here in this game, you won't need anything else BUT your mouse and its left click button. Build structures (defensive towers specifically), upgrade them, research new weapons and defenses, sell them - all you have to do is click the right icon.

Ravine Walkthrough

This game reminds me a lot of custom Warcraft 3 Maps like Tropical Tower Wars and Mafarazzo. The mission? To defend your towers from incoming attacks - both through air and land. Ravine comes with different towers - you have ground towers that attack ground units, air towers that fire through air units, ice towers that slow both air and ground enemies (mind you, they don't deal any damage), eagle towers that attack both land and air units, and those are just to name a few.

Here's a tip: to make the most out of your towers, mix them! Have a bunch of ground, air, and eagle towers in one cluster. This makes sure that no matter what the enemy throws your way - whether it's a bunch of ground or air units, you have something to defend with. Also, don't forget to toss in some ice towers. Yes, ice towers don't deal any damage BUT they slow units by a whopping 35 percent. That allows you to pummel them and dish out enough damage from your other defensive towers until they are taken out.

You gain gold for every kill - some are worth 5 gold, some are worth 7 (those are the flying monsters if I'm not mistaken), and others are worth more. You need the gold you earn for building more towers, purchasing upgrades (increasing their range and damage), researching new towers, and more.

The Continuous Wave Button - you see that button on the lower right corner? Hit that and the enemy waves come in without stop. I would strongly advice you to leave that alone unless you are confident that your towers are ready for anything...and that your castle could withstand enemies long enough if ever some of them makes it there. Until you have enough cash to build a good amount of defensive structures while the enemies are pouring in, or you are confident that your defenses can hold, just stick to the Next Wave Button.

Gain massive amounts of gold, build towers and upgrade them, and don't touch the Continuous Wave Button until you are ready - that's the name of the game in Ravine. It's an excellent tower defense game that will keep you busy while you wait for your boring midnight shift or chemistry class to end.

So far, I'm loving Ravine...I'm a huge fan of the mentioned Warcraft 3 custom maps and Ravine has a lot of resemblance to it.