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Rizk Instructions

Rizk is controlled by using the mouse. Click to open the menu. Build units by clicking on the appropriate icon. Move your mouse to the edges of the stage to pan the camera.

Rizk Walkthrough

Rizk is a defense game that has nothing to do with the classic board game, Risk, but is a fun game nonetheless. This strategy game features artistic graphics, simple controls, and five challenging levels of gameplay.

The primary objective of Rizk is to grow your plant to full size by collecting resources. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, this wouldn't be much of a defense game without enemies to fend with! Your resource collectors may cause threats to be awakened. Threats release spores that damage your plant if they come into contact with it. If your plant's health is completely drained, you will lose the game. If you are defeated in this strategy game, you have an infinite number of chances to try again. Your progress is also saved, so you can continue from where you left off if you want to take a break and come back later.

To accomplish your objectives, you must deploy resource collectors to collect resources that will help your tree to grow. Deploy multiple resource collectors to grow your tree faster. A single resource collector is enough to nurture your tree, but getting the job done faster is always a good thing; the faster you grow your tree, the less chance spores will have to attack it. You will also gain more points in this defense game for quickly growing your plant.

Resource collectors awaken hostile spores, so you must deploy defenders to protect your plant and resource collectors. Deploy defenders in positions that will allow them to block spores that threaten your resource collectors or plant. Placing defenders in at choke points allows you to fend off multiple spores with only a single defender. Defenders are expensive, and coins are scarce in this defense game, so try to minimize the number of defenders that you use and keep them repaired so that they are not overwhelmed!

With only five levels, this version of Rizk is a short strategy game, but it is still worth playing for a quick challenge. If you are a fan of defense games but you are tired of the same tower defense style of gameplay, then try Rizk for a unique change of pace!