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Shattered Colony: The Survivors Instructions

Shattered Colony: The Survivors is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place, upgrade, and issue orders to structures. Move the camera across the map by using the arrow keys or by clicking and dragging the map. Press escape to go back to the default selection cursor. The spacebar pauses the game.

Shattered Colony: The Survivors Walkthrough

Shattered Colony: The Survivors is the sequel of the zombie strategy game, Shattered Colony. Shattered Colony: The Survivors continues the storyline of the Shattered Colony series and features superior graphics to its predecessor along with smoother gameplay.

The objective of Shattered Colony: The Survivors is to clear all zombies from each level and blow up the bridge to prevent more zombies from arriving. In order to complete this task, you will have to properly manage resources. The three resources in this zombie game are bullets, boards, and people, which will be discussed later. The level will end in victory when you have killed all zombies in the area and blown up the bridges, but if you are overrun by the undead, you will have to retry the level in order to advance.

If this is your first time playing Shattered Colony: The Survivors, then I advise you to play through the tutorial. The missions of the tutorial will teach you the basics how to play this tower defense game as well as some useful tactics that you can use to gain victory. The tutorials themselves are also entertaining, so there is no need to skip them unless you are absolutely sure that you know how to play this tower defense game.

Shattered Colony: The Survivors is a tower defense game unlike most others. Not only will you have to set up sniper towers to defend yourself against zombies, you will also have to manage resources. The three resources that must be managed in this game are bullets, boards, and people. Bullets are used by snipers to kill zombies; a gun without bullets is useless in this strategy game, so be sure to keep them stocked! Boards are used to erect and repair barricades that will keep zombies at bay temporarily. Finally, people are the lifeblood of your strategic engine. People are used to man sniper towers, repair barricades, and keep your colony's supply lines moving! Make sure to keep an eye on your resources at the top of the screen. If one of the resources dips into the negative numbers, then that mean that you have a shortage which you will have to remedy by either finding more resources or reducing the allocation of resources to some of your structures.

It is a good idea to man your sniper towers with at least two survivors to increase their accuracy. It is also a good idea to increase the number of bullets allocated to each sniper from ten to thirty. This will allow your snipers to keep shooting for longer periods of time without resupplying. Whenever you build a workshop in this strategy game, try to keep a high quota of survivors to complete the work faster, but remember to keep your resources in the positive numbers!

Shattered Colony: The Survivors is a tower defense game that is sure to please even the most hardcore of strategy game enthusiasts. If you enjoyed the first Shattered Colony, then you will love Shattered Colony: The Survivors since it is a vast improvement over its predecessor!