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SNAFU TD Instructions

Point and click to build and upgrade tower; use 1-7 number keys at hotkeys for building towers.

SNAFU TD Walkthrough

Snafu TD is a mission-based tower defense game; each mission being a different map. The first maps are smaller and easier to handle, while later maps like Omega are nearly impossible to deal with.

At the beginning of every mission, like every other tower defense game, you're supposed to start building towers. In Snafu TD, however, more emphasis is placed on upgrading existing towers, rather than building new ones. You won't be unlocking any new towers to build, either - so your only option is to upgrade what you currently have. You have seven different towers to choose from - and they're all accessible through the 1-7 number keys as a hotkey shortcut - and they all have different effects.

Some towers will only shoot aerial enemies, so you have to purchase a few of those, while others will only attack ground enemies - something equally as important. The game doesn't really throw any cheap shots at you, though, so you don't have to worry about one round of aerial enemies to ruin everything (they're fairly easy to defeat).

With ten different missions to choose from, and each being more difficult than the last to complete, Snafu TD is one tower defense you should play if you're a fan of the genre. And if you aren't, or someone who's never played a tower defense game, it's a great game to start with, too.