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Spectrum Tower Defense Instructions

If you have played tower defense games before, the controls of Spectrum Tower Defense should be very familiar to you. Just like other games from the genre, the game is played, most of the time, the mouse: a couple of clicks to get the game started; more clicks to pick the tower you want; some more clicks to place them where you want and so on. As you get better, you surely want to get things done faster and more efficiently. That said, you want to take advantage of the hotkeys in the game: (1) numbers 1 to 9 and letter keys X, Y, Z are for building towers. (2) If you want to upgrade one of them, just press U. (3) Need to sell one to make some room for BIGGER and BETTER towers? No worries, just select the tower and press the S button. And that's about it for the controls, let's have a closer look at the game...

Spectrum Tower Defense Walkthrough

"You think you are good at Tower Defenses? We beg to differ >:)" - this is the challenge of this brand-new tower defense game... Spectrum Tower Defense. This game leaves others in the dust in so many different levels! Just like other tower defense games, you need to survive the incoming waves of enemy bugs by building towers, upgrading their stats and skills, and rinse and repeat until victory is yours. It's a very straightforward objective, BUT getting there is NOT as easy as it sounds.

Spectrum Tower Defense showcases 3 difficult levels that allows veterans and newcomers to the genre to enjoy the game. There are 50 waves of enemy bugs that you need to survive against and these waves are comprised of 12 different types of enemy bugs - each type has its own strength and weaknesses that you need to exploit if you want to see daylight! To have a fighting chance against this massive wave of bugs, you have 13 different towers to choose from. These towers have unique abilities and destructive power that can be upgraded to the next level. And to top everything off, this game showcases a unique color upgrading system as well as 3 different maps / battlefields.

I really like the latter - the unique color upgrading system. It somewhat reminded me of Ant Buster TD. While it has lesser variables, overall, it's still a very original idea. One thing... one small caveat I have with the game is that it's very laggy on later levels when you have all sorts of towers firing at the same time and the screen is filled with all sorts of enemy bugs. Aside from that, everything is smooth sailing with Spectrum Tower Defense. I really love the game play. The Buy Back option makes the game less frustrating since you don't have to start over again in case you run out of lives. Keep in mind, HOWEVER, that the Buy Back option costs more and more the farther you go into the game.

OK, now we are down to the REAL meat of this article: the game tips that will allow you to go to the next level! To be honest, all you really need in Spectrum Tower Defense is balance and flexibility. You need to have ice and flame towers for the first 10 waves and levels. When the going gets tough, you must move on to stronger towers like lightning, wind, and ice. Oh! By the way, a Level 3 Gold Tower is very helpful. While it may cost you a lot of dough, it will pay for itself within 3 rounds or so.

During the middle game, the armor reducing and purple colored tower is just indispensable. I would advice that you get one as soon as you can. Think about it: this tower allows you to reduce your enemies' armor down to -10... PERMANENTLY! So what does that mean? That means your usual damage of 1 would be 11! Along with that, the armor reducing tower attacks both land and air enemy units. So where should you place the armor reducing towers? I would recommend that you mass build these purple towers and place them somewhere at the beginning of the path. This makes sure that all incoming enemy units will have their armor reduced by 10 or so. The level 1 towers are for the rest of the course... and it won't be a problem since the enemies are armor-less and can be ripped like papers!

As I have mentioned above, the ice and fire tower... the blue and red towers for those who are color oriented, are very good for this. The blue towers hit both air and land units, and it also showcases a decent fire rate. The red towers, on the other hand, have the best fire rate in the game. With a bunch of red / blue towers PLUS the purple and armor-reducing towers, you should coast through the first couple of levels.

That's early to mid game strategy. For the late game phase, the Level 3 Sniper Towers can be your main damage dealer. One reminder: upgrade them from level 1 straight to level 3. Level 2 Sniper Towers, in my opinion, aren't worth it. To go hand in hand with them, Level 3 Shockwave Towers (the green ones) are best against ground enemy units... except for the bosses. If you position them right in the center of the map (aided with the armor-reducing tower), they can deal about 60 damage to EACH and EVERY enemy on the map on every hit!

If there are 10 ground enemies in the wave, that means your tower is dealing 600 damage for every hit... and to make the deal even sweeter, the Shockwave Tower costs half as much as sniper towers!

This combo is just devastating. Give it a try and see what I am talking about.