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Tanks and towers Instructions

The controls for Tank And Towers are a little more complicated than usual. True, you still need to make use of your mouse and its left click button especially for interaction. BUT there are other stuff you also need to know about: use the A and D buttons to scroll on the minimap. While you can still use the mouse for scrolling, using the said buttons are easier. Use the shift key to see the units' lifebars. This is really crucial as it allows you to see which enemy unit to focus fire on and which unit to save from devastation. Anyway, why don't we check out how the game goes about.

Tanks and towers Walkthrough

Tanks And Towers - this tower defense game is more than that! It's an all out war. It's a combination of non stop tank war PLUS tower defense. If you are a huge fan of tower defense games, this game will be a treat. Your skillful positioning of towers and turrets definitely counts. BUT you should also make good use of your tanks - defending and attacking with them, if you are going to win the game.

So what is the objective? Simple - do everything in your power to withstand the non stop and aggressive march of incoming enemy forces. Yo should protect your MCV at all costs. For those missions, you need to destroy the enemy MCV to finish the stages. And you have a wide array of tanks and towers to attack and defend against enemies. If going up against all odds is your kind of thing, try survival mode. As the name suggests, it's about surviving waves and waves of enemies...holding them as long as possible without losing your precious MCV.

You need to be alert to defend and attack. And to be able to do so, you should have a thorough understanding of the screen in front of you. Which buttons put your units on hold? Which of the buttons command them to attack? Which one to click keep them alert against possible incoming enemy waves? They are all on the screen - located on the lower left section. That mini and radar like screen on the upper right corner of the screen is the mini map. Always keep it in check...be alert for any potential assaults. There are other controls and screen sections that show you how much you have earned, buttons that allow you to sell your units and turrets which comes really handy when you need extra and quick cash.

Playing this tower defense game reminded me a lot of StarCraft. You need to form a strategy while on the go and you also should be ready all the time for enemy waves just like in your typical tower defense game. I'm giving Tanks And Towers two thumbs up!