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Tarnation Instructions

Well, Tarnation is NOT necessarily a tower defense game. No, you don't need to build towers. BUT you do need to defend. And this is where you need your mouse's left click for. You need those to gather seeds, rally them, convert them to flowers, and attack the invading bugs. And as for the game play, this has a lot of excitement to offer as you will see.

Tarnation Walkthrough

Tarnation: at first sight, it seems reminescent of the popular game Plants Vs. Zombies...only this time, you are going against bugs that carry tar that are known as, well, tar! You need to protect the water from being infested by these forward marching tar bugs. When they reach the water, it will be all dried up and your garden will inevitably die. BUT don't worry, the flowers and seeds are all geared up for battle. And they are waiting for your command.

So here's how the game goes: You will have an army of seeds ready to be converted to attack flowers that will deal with the incoming tars. For dealing with red tars, you need to drag your mouse and select seeds from up left to down right. This converts them to red flowers that will attack red tars. On the other hand, when facing blue tars, you should select the flowers from up right to down left. This will convert the seeds to blue flowers that will attack blue tars. For yellow tars, just select the seeds from down left to up right . This will turn the seeds to yellow flowers that will attack the tars of the same color.

Remember, flowers deal a set amount of damage then they die. As you move later into the game, you will encounter those bugs or tars that are either moving faster than their peers or those that are really tough and hard to take out. You may need to spend more seeds than usual to take them out before they reach the water. Remember, don't let the tars muck the water or the garden will perish. Once that happens, it's game over for you and you are back to square one.

Now, keep in mind - you don't want to waste seeds. You see, they get pushed to the edge when new seeds are produced. Wasted seeds mean wasted score. As for the scoring system, your score is calculated by using 3 factors: 1. how many tars you have eliminated...especially those close calls that adds 250 points each 2. how much seeds have been wasted (that's a reduction) 3. and how many seeds are left on the planting area. The more seeds left, the higher your score gets.

Tarnation - this tower defense game (which really isn't) comes with an interesting game play to offer to players of all ages. It will surely keep you pumped up and having fun during those boring afternoons.