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The Geom Tower Defense Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to place towers and sink traps; upgrade and relocate towers in between rounds.

The Geom Tower Defense Walkthrough

The Geom Tower Defense may seem like a really complicated tower defense game at first, especially if you read the instructions included in the game, but as you play through the game itself, you'll quickly get the hang of it.

At the beginning of the game, you'll start with circle towers - they can only destroy circle enemies. So, after a few rounds, you'll notice that line enemies are going to appear, so you'll start building line towers. Line towers can only destroy line enemies, and after line enemies are destroyed, they'll turn into circle enemies - and that's when you start to get the hang of the game. After line enemies there's triangle enemies, and finally square enemies (that's why it's called The Geom Tower Defense). You'll really have to strategize when placing towers in later levels because of this, and you'll have to make careful choices when upgrading certain towers.

There are other things you can place besides towers, though. Like traps - a much cheaper alternative to towers - you'll be able to place them on the path the enemies follow, and each trap will absorb two enemies (of the corresponding shape). While these traps are much cheaper and more effective than towers, you don't make money with them, and it can get tiring to place them over and over on the map. So, use them sparingly, and only when you need to.

The Geom Tower Defense is a great alternative to most tower defense games because it offers a new perspective on strategy; you actually have to use some. Instead of just upgrading the same towers over and over, you'll need to relocate and upgrade almost every other tower at the end certain levels. Don't let the geometry theme fool you - this game can be quite difficult.