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The Next Floor Instructions

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Shoot using the left mouse button. Use continuous fire by holding down the left mouse button. Move the elevator by clicking it with the left mouse button and dragging it into position. Purchase turrets by clicking with the left mouse button. Upgrade turrets by clicking the turret with the left mouse button to select the turret you want to upgrade and clicking again with the left mouse button to purchase the upgrade.

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The Next Floor is far, far from your typical tower defense game. It completely breaks away from the typical premise and format offered by most of the other tower defense games online without abandoning the genre entirely. This allows the game to feel unique and new in a genre that often feels like every game you play is a variation of the same theme. Experienced tower defense game players are going to love this one, but will definitely have a bit of a hard time getting the hang of it. The reason for this is simple. It's so different and out of the ordinary that you might as well forget everything you know about tower defense games because you'll be starting from scratch with this one. Newcomers to the genre are actually going to start out on equal footing as more experienced players with this one, making the game appealing to a broader range of players. While newcomers often try other games and feel overwhelmed, there is really very little in this game that can feel overwhelming. It's very straight forward. That doesn't mean in isn't challenging though.

At its core, The Next Floor is really a traditional tower defense game even if it doesn't look or feel that way. Your town or city, in this game, is the elevator shaft and it's your job to defend that elevator shaft against the attacking creeps. You do this using elevators. Elevators are like your towers here. Elevators can be stocked with turrets that will automatically fire on attacking creeps. As with most tower defense games, your turrets are upgradeable. If the creeps get passed your turrets and destroy your elevator, they will begin attacking the elevator shaft. If the elevator shaft is destroyed, your game is over. It sounds pretty similar to other games in the genre, right? Well, this is really where the differences start. First, you don't have an overhead view of a map with a specific path along which enemies attack. Instead, you view the action from a side view. Second, you have the option of using your own weapon to take out enemies instead of setting up towers or turrets. There are still turrets in this game - and you'll definitely need to use them - but you'll also need to shoot enemies yourself as well.

Possibly the biggest advantage of The Next Floor is how simple the game layout is. Instead of being bombarded with information all over the screen, the actual game screen is pretty basic. You have the game at the bottom of the screen and your basic game information at the top. Aside from having to pay attention for the health of your elevator shaft (the bottom bar at the top of the screen), you don't really have anything else you need to pay attention to. This definitely sets the game apart from many of the other tower defense game online and makes it far more appealing for newcomers. The focus in this one is entirely on playing the game. It just so happens that accomplishing your goal (keeping the elevator shaft intact) is fairly difficult to do; especially as you progress in the game. It involves building a good strategy and sticking to that strategy. It simply isn't enough to shoot at your enemies. As more floors are added and you face tougher enemies attacking in greater numbers, you'll need to think fast to make sure you have every attack covered. Make sure you buy a new elevator each time a new floor is added. Try to put at least one turret on each new elevator as well. At the same time, don't go overboard with extra turrets and upgrades for those turrets in the beginning. It isn't a bad idea to have one elevator with multiple, upgraded turrets while leaving the others with the one or two basic turrets. You can switch elevators during game play regardless of whether you are on the elevator or not. This gives you the chance to put your strongest elevator where it is needed the most. As you progress, you can add an upgrade or two to all of your basic towers to make them a little more effective. As you do, though, consider selling off your older turrets. This will give you a little extra money towards turrets with more fire power.

Overall, The Next Floor is one of the most unique and engrossing tower defense games online simply because it is so different from the competition. Newcomers to tower defense games are going to be able to pick up how the game is played with little trouble while more advanced players are going to love the fact that they're given the opportunity to do something different without completely abandoning the genre they love. Anyone of any skill or experience level can play this game and do well as long as they're willing to stick with the game. It is hard to get the hang of in the beginning, but once you do, the game is far too much fun to pass up. Focus on your upgrades and putting your strongest defense where it is needed the most and don't forget - the tips that appear on the screen are there for a reason. Make sure you read them. If you don't, you could easily find yourself wishing you did when the level begins.