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The Space Game - this is one of those games that take about 5 minutes to know the mechanics...BUT it takes forever to master! The controls are pretty as mentioned - so you have a mouse? The left click button works, right? Cool! Then you can play The Space Game. Build miners, link them to asteroids, suck energy from them, build basic and pulse lasers, defend against space pirates - all of these and more are done through your mouse's left click.

The Space Game Walkthrough

In The Space Game, your mission is pretty much the same with other strategy games like Starcraft, Starcraft 2, etc., and that is to be as rich as you can and destroy all enemies that try to get near you. The Space Game is all about defending your outpost from pirates.

Check out your inventory and you will see that your are primed up not just for mining minerals and producing energy - you are also built to kill. With tactical, basic, and pulse lasers together with missile structures - you are all geared up to defend your operation. And when things get a little out of controls and you sustain some damage, don't worry. You can always summon those repair drones to keep you in the fight for longer.

BUT let me remind you this - how you structure your outpost is very crucial. Your energy network could make or break your campaign. Did I mention you are not alone in space? YES, there are 7 enemy ships ready to take you out:

Small Red Fighters - As the name states, they do fight, they are red, BUT they are small. They are the most common enemies you will encounter. They fire a short range laser...BUT with a well built energy network and defense system, they shouldn't worry you.

Missile Launchers - These aircrafts fire a missile from a good distance. They are a notch or two better than the small red fighters. HOWEVER, you can easily dispose them by using Basic and Pulse Laser. BUT since they are beefier, they take a little more time to destroy.

Self Destructors - What these guys do is pretty self explanatory. They don't have any weapons or pilots - BUT they self destruct...hit your structures until it bogs down. One explosion couldn't do a lot of damage. BUT they come in numbers and that's what makes them hard to deal with.

And those are the easy enemies! Yellow Ringers, Swarmers, Mother Ships, Mother Ship Attack Fighters - these guys are twice as terrible. The Space Game offers a lot of fun for those seasoned real time strategy players and to those new to the genre as well!