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Towering Forever Instructions

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, hit down to bring up the build menu to construct and eventually upgrade towers, and click with the left mouse button to attack enemies. For a special attack, jump and quickly hit down to strike multiple enemies.

Towering Forever Walkthrough

Tower Forever is an interesting blend of action and tower defense. You'll be covering both aspects while playing, and depending on what you focus on, you could sit back and watch your enemies be destroyed, or not build any towers and completely run the game solo. And even though it's ultimately up to you, Towering Forever does seem quite complicated at first, so it's a good idea to understand everything you can do before you start playing.

You'll begin each round in a 2-dimensional field - this may be one of the only tower defense games that have an isometric perspective. There aren't any grids, either, so you'll be building your towers on the background of the screen.

As you run around the level, you'll come across the invading enemies, and if you want to be active in this part of the game, you can really destroy anything that comes across your path. There are super moves you can use, you can punch and kick your enemies, or you can just let your towers take care of them. Between rounds, you'll be able to upgrade your overall towers' performance, or you can spend your earned money on upgrades for the combos your own character can use. Don't forget that you can upgrade your towers themselves, not just in between rounds.

Overall, Towering Forever is a great new take on an already established genre. Besides that, the art looks really cool - you'll spend more time watching what you're doing instead of realizing what you're doing when you're playing, and that's always great. The gameplay itself is fun too, and if you don't like the tower aspect of the game, or the character aspect of the game, you can just switch and try the other whenever you feel like it.

If you're looking for a challenging tower defense game that isn't what you'd usually be playing, Towering Forever is it. With a bunch of levels, fantastic art direction, and plenty of upgradeable towers, you could play this one for quite some time. And remember, if you want to build a tower, press down whenever you're on the map - it will bring up the build screen.