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Towertown Tower Defense Instructions

Towertown Tower Defense - this game comes with very easy controls BUT exciting game play that combines tower defense elements with excellent aspects of real time strategy games (upgrades, purchasing of resources, etc.). All you have to do is make sure that your mouse's left click button is working and you are well on your way to having hours of fun with Towertown Tower Defense.

Towertown Tower Defense Walkthrough

In Towertown Tower Defense, you need to pick a character first. It seems very unlikely that you need to pick a hero for a tower defense game, and this is just one of the things that make this tower defense game really interesting. Choose from Marine, Wizard, and Witch. The Marine has a very speedy firing and attack rate. The Wizard, on the other hand, has splash damage...perfect for eliminating waves of creeps without breaking a sweat. And last BUT not the least, the Witch slows down enemies movement speed while dealing bonus damage against bosses.

The objective of the game: you have a castle and you need to do everything in your power to protect it from creeps and monsters . Yes, you need to destroy them. How? This is where the tower defense genre's aspect comes in - you need to build towers by using the buttons and controls on the main panel. Along with that, you also need to keep your structures powered up by building a Power Station that provides 10 power for your defenses.

All in all, you have 3 different types of tower. Some deal normal damage, others have splash fire damage, while the others slow down enemies...buying enough time for your chosen hero and other defenses to pound on the incoming enemies.

Here's another real time strategy factor that makes this game more exciting to play than other tower defense games out there: the heroes have certain buffs. Aside from the fact that the hero can deal damage, they have auras that interact with towers. The Witch, for example, has green, red, and yellow auras. What do these auras do? A LOT! Some of them increase the damage of towers, others increase the attack rate, while some increase the earnings of towers within the auras range. With that in mind, picking and switching the right type of aura matters a lot...and optimal positioning of your hero also counts a lot!

And to make things even more tense and exciting, your heroes have skills and they do level up! Allowing them to deal more damage and provide more aid to your towers and defenses later into the game. Trust me, you are going to need it with all the high HP and tough bosses you will be facing.

A combination of tower defense strategy PLUS real time strategy aspects in one neat package - this is what Towertown Tower Defense is all about. Play it. But be warned: it's addictive!