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TreeTD Instructions

Point and click to purchase and place towers - use the 1-7 number keys as tower hotkeys, the U key to upgrade a selected tower, S to sell a selected tower, Spacebar to send the next wave of creeps early, and the up and down arrow keys to scroll the map.

TreeTD Walkthrough

TreeTD takes the idea of tower defense and changes it ever-so-slightly, making for a new game that's fun as well as challenging - and something you should try out if you haven't already. You'll be fighting creeps in this nature-based tower defense game, in either free play mode or challenge mode.

Free play mode has five different difficulties to choose from. Ranging from easy to impossible, free play mode will keep you busy if you're looking for a standard game. Challenge mode, however, offers five different scenarios. Ranging from having only one life to releasing the enemies early every round, it's definitely something to check out if you think you're a good tower defense player.

After you've selected a map to play with, you'll be taken to it, and it's time to start building your first towers. There are six different towers to choose from; each having either a specific strength or effectiveness, and you'll have certain spots to place them on the map. While the map itself may be large, and it can take a minute to scroll through the huge thing, there's a minimap where you can see enemies progressing, making your job that much easier.

Your goal is to prevent any and all enemies from reaching the bottom of your map - where they can harm your trees - hence the name, TreeTD. In doing so, you'll need a multitude of carefully placed towers, and to make them more effective, you should focus on upgrading them rather than having loads of them - it will increase the amount of damage you can do much more than adding new towers.

Keep in mind that your towers will only shoot at enemies that are below it - so if you have a huge line of defense near the end of your map, and that's what you're depending on, it's probably a bad idea. And, as far as the importance of tower upgrades goes, it's a lot more effective to have two really good towers rather than 8 towers with no upgrades. In TreeTD, you'll find that more is less, unlike most tower defense games out there.