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Triple Tower Defense Instructions

Triple Tower Defense is controlled by using the mouse. Click on tiles to place towers. Press the spacebar to discard towers.

Triple Tower Defense Walkthrough

Do you tire of tower defense games with distracting pop-up upgrade menus? If so, then you should give Triple Tower Defense a try. This tower defense game features colorful vector graphics, simple controls, and above all, a unique upgrade system!

The goal of Triple Tower Defense is to prevent enemies from reaching the tile labeled with an "F". Each time an enemy slips past your defenses, one life is lost. When all lives are lost, the game is over. If you manage to earn 250,000 points in one game, you will unlock Four Towers Mode. This mode only needs to be unlocked once, so if you manage to unlock it, it will be available the next time that you play this tower defense game.

Triple Tower Defense uses an extremely simple control scheme. Just point and click on the grid to place towers. It is advisable to create mazes to confine enemies to a path, but keep in mind that you are not allowed to completely block off enemies from reaching their goal. If you do not want to place the type of tower displayed on the right side of the screen, you can discard it for another type by pressing the spacebar.

The thing that makes Triple Tower Defense stand out in comparison to other tower defense games is its upgrade system. Instead of purchasing upgrades in menus, towers are automatically upgrades when three turrets of the same type are adjacent to each other. This system makes it crucial to pay attention to the type of turrets that are being placed and their locations. If you want to maximize damage, be sure to place similar turrets close to each other. The combination of turrets may create holes in any mazes that you try to create, however, since upgraded turrets occupy only one square on the grid versus the three squares that would be occupied by non-upgraded turrets.

Triple Tower Defense is an outstanding tower defense game with spectacular music, dazzling visuals, and unique gameplay. Casual gamers will enjoy the simplistic controls and straightforward gameplay while veterans of the TD game genre will appreciate the strategic elements added by the upgrade system!