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Ultimate Defense Instructions

The control scheme of Ultimate Defense is very typical of tower games. Just like other games in the genre, you have to use your mouse (and sometimes your keyboard's space bar button) to play the game: click to select something and navigate through the menus. The mouse and the space bar button, on the other hand, is for navigating through the map. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

Ultimate Defense Walkthrough

Ultimate Defense - this game is created by Likwid Game Productions... and that should be enough to make you play this tower defense game! After all, Likwid Game brought us the HUGE RPG / Action hit - Castaway Island Series, and its tower defense genre counterpart - Castaway Island TD. Coming at you with 8 levels that are increasing in difficulty, this is a game you can play and kill time with if you have an hour or so. It's NOT too difficult if you are a veteran in tower defense games. BUT if this is your first time playing one, my 'level by level' walkthrough will surely help out.

Before going down to the goodies, you need to make sure that whenever you buy anything - ninjas, dragons, archers, or whatever, you place it in a way that it crosses the whole path (if possible) and that it's not on a corner. Along with that, also put them as close as to the entrance of the path. This should give you more time to react in case some of the enemy creep leaks out wounded BUT alive. OK, now that we have taken care of these reminders, let's get down to the walkthrough!

Ultimate Defense Level 1: When you start the first level, you should have enough to build 5 archers. Put 3 archers on one side and two more archers on the other side. Once you have killed 3 enemy creatures, you should have enough for another archer. Build it on the side where you only have two and place it far enough so it will kill all of those who leak out. HOWEVER, you should be prepared to build more archers to take care of the other creatures that get through.

For the second wave on the first level, you should build an additional archer on each side. Again, you should be alert and be geared up for leaks or whatever surprise that may come up. For the third wave, just do what you did on the second wave - build additional archers. When you finally make it to the boss of that level, you should have 13 or so archers. That should be enough to bring the boss down to its knees without poison.

Ultimate Defense Level 2: So did you follow all of the directions for the first level? Yeah? Good! That means you should have enough to buy 2 ninjas. Do that and place them on the path's entrance. Follow the arrangement I've mentioned above and they should be able to takeout all of the monsters without breaking a sweat until the boss comes in at the 4th wave. For the boss, just use poison on him... and that's enough to kill him. Moving forward...

Ultimate Defense Level 3 To 5: For these levels, you need to just do the same thing. Start off by buying a dragon and put him at the beginning of the path. The dragon alone is powerful enough to take out all of the monsters until the boss comes. Again, just like in the second level, use poison to kill him.

Ultimate Defense Level 6: First off, grab a dragon and put him at the entrance of the path. Next, you have to purchase a Ninja and install him across the dragon. Once that is done, you can sit back and relax as they dispose all of the monsters until the boss at 6-4. Just do what you used to do, use poison and watch the boss cringe and die.

Ultimate Defense Level 7: For this level, you need to purchase 2 dragons and place them at the beginning. They should be across each other. Now, you may need to make some room for the dragons to fit. To do that, hold down the shift button and click on the tree to cut it off. You may need to add a ninja to finish the wave at 7-2. Anyway, their combined powers should be enough to eliminate all comers. As for the boss, come on! You should know that by now: use poison! ?

Ultimate Defense Level 8: And now we are done to the last level! To win this level, you have to purchase 2 dragons and put them at the beginning of the path. As I have reminded you time and time again, they should be across each other. Toss in a ninja for good measure in 8-4. They should be able to kill all of the monsters until 8-6 when the boss barges in. Just use poison, and you have beaten Ultimate Defense!