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Vector TD Instructions

Purchase towers by clicking on the tower you want to build with the left mouse button. Place towers by choosing a position and clicking again with the left mouse button. Upgrade towers by clicking towers with the left mouse button and clicking 'upgrade' with the left mouse button.

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For fans of map based tower defense games, Vector TD should feel fairly familiar. The basic premise is more or less the same premise you would get with most map based tower defense games, but that doesn't take anything away from this game at all. While it is similar to many of the other tower defense games online, the little additional touches it adds really sets this one apart from the rest. To begin with, there are three different difficulty settings players can choose from which isn't really all that common in this genre. That makes the game far more appealing to a wider range of players. Newcomers to tower defense games can choose one of the 'beginner' maps which will get them acquainted with the game and how it's played, moving up to harder maps once they have a little more experience. More experienced players, on the other hand, can jump right into the 'extreme' maps. If you're not really sure what skill level you're add and want something that isn't too easy but isn't too hard, check out one of the 'normal' maps. Regardless of what kind of challenge you're looking for, this game offers something for you.

The basic premise of Vector TD is simple. Vectoids are attacking and you have been called in to eliminate the threat. Instead of shooting at the Vectoids yourself, you got a different way with it and construct towers to to the killing for you. There are several different towers; each of which offers its own strengths and weaknesses for taking out different types of Vectoids. Choosing the right tower for the type of enemy you are facing is vital. Choosing the right location for your tower is also incredibly important. Even if you have the best possible tower it will be of little use to you if you don't put it in the right place. You need to choose a location that takes full advantage of the tower's range. The best place to position towers is along center rows or on corners. This allows you to cover multiple lines of enemies at once. It's also a good idea to combine towers to form a strong defensive line. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of each tower and determine what other towers are available that compliment that first tower. Place those towers together and you've got a very strong defense against a variety of enemies.

Upgrading your towers is absolutely vital in Vector TD. You can take a basic tower and upgrade it for a fairly inexpensive price tag so it is nearly as effective as the more expensive towers. Taking a few basic towers and upgrading them is a good strategy for making it through the beginning of the game. It allows you to conserve money without leaving yourself vulnerable to attack. Each tower you place will cost money. Every upgrade costs money. The enemies get much more difficult to take out later in the game and you have only a limited amount of lives to make it through the game. If you let an enemy pass, you lose a life. You absolutely need a decent reserve of money for later in the game when things get more challenging. You'll need to be able to buy towers to accommodate different kinds of enemies. You'll also need to be able to buy towers to place all along the path. While you can sell towers, you don't often get much money for them. Not wasting money on expensive towers in the beginning of the game will definitely help you out later on.

The game screen in Vector TD isn't really all that hard to understand; especially if you have experience with tower defense games. Newcomers might have a bit of a hard time figuring out where all the information they need is located and what it all means, but after a level or two, things will start becoming a lot more clear. Most of the controls you'll use throughout the game are shown on the right side of the game screen. At the very top, you have your towers. If you don't have enough funds to purchase a tower, it will have a small red 'x' in the upper right corner of the icon for that tower. At the bottom of the 'towers' box, you have four options you can purchase with your 'bonus' points - damage booster, range booster, interest increase and panic. The damage and range boosters are towers that can be placed near other towers, either increase the amount of damage a tower inflicts on Vectoids per shot or boosting the range of the towers. These towers will affect all towers within range. Increase interest will increase the amount of interest you earn on the money you have at the beginning of each new wave. Panic will give you five extra lives. All of these bonus options are important and can significantly improve your range. Try to save at least one bonus point for 'panic'. It's definitely an option you want to have available when you need it. To get the most benefit out of the booster towers, either place them behind towers on a corner in a position that covers either all, or most, of the towers on that corner or place them between three other towers in sequence. For example, place a basic green tower, a booster tower, a basic red tower, a booster tower than another basic green tower. If you upgrade the basic towers to level ten and have those booster towers in place, you'll have created a very strong defensive line. Plan ahead to use those towers. On the other side of the line, you can use the booster towers the same way but with blue and purple towers in place of the red and green ones. This covers all types of enemies well and gives you well rounded protection.

Hovering your mouse over the towers in Vector TD will display the basic stats about that tower in the panel immediately below the tower box. This is also where you'll look for upgrade information when you click on a tower already in place. Pay attention to the basic stats. The basic stats tell you which enemies the tower you're interested in purchasing are most effective against. Use this information to plan what towers you will use together and where you will place them. The panel below the information panel shows you what types of enemies you're up against in the coming rounds which will help you choose the best towers to confront them with. Use that information to your advantage. If you see you're going to have to deal with yellow sprinter Vectoids next, you'll want to be ready for a battle. They're hard to take out and they're fast. Look for towers that are strong on yellow Vectoids and space them a fair distance apart. Covering one area with towers won't work. These enemies are too fast. Place your towers throughout the entire course; making sure you leave yourself with enough money to add more if need be.

At the top of the screen (just to the left of the tower box) you have your basic game stats. Pay attention to these stats throughout the game. There are two columns; one showing your bank, interest and score and the other showing your lives, level and bonus. The bank is obviously important to pay attention to. This tells you how much money you have to build and upgrade towers. Interest is also important as it tells you how much interest you earn on your money at the beginning of each new wave. Try to end each wave with a decent amount of money to make the most of the interest you can earn. Score isn't really all that important for how the game is played, but will definitely help you keep an eye on how close you are to getting a score you can feel proud of. Keep an eye on how many lives you have left throughout the game. You'll lose one each time you allow an enemy to make it all the way through the map. If you start to run low, look to the bottom of this section. If there is a number beside 'bonus' you can purchase a panic boost and gain five lives. This comes in handy, so don't forget its an option. There are fifty levels in each map, so you can look at the level you're on and see how much further you have to go before you beat the game. This should also help you figure out when you need to purchase the panic bonus. If you're on the last level, have 16 lives available and only five enemies left, don't bother with the panic bonus.

To the left of your basic game stats, are the two buttons Vector TD offers to help you control how the Vectoids will attack - 'Send the Vectoids' and 'Auto'. Clicking 'Send the Vectoids' will immediately unleash the next wave of Vectoids. Use it when you're satisfied with your defense and feel you'll be able to take out the wave. In later levels, make sure you save a little extra money to cover any sections of your map that seem to be week. The enemies get tougher and come in greater numbers. You'll likely need to add towers as the wave progresses so you don't want to leave yourself short. Choosing to play 'Auto' means the next wave will automatically be released as soon as all of the Vectoids in the previous wave are defeated. This can make the game a lot more challenging. Newcomers to tower defense games should wait on playing on 'Auto' until they're a little more familiar with how the game is played.

Overall, Vector TD is the type of tower defense game that really requires a strong strategy, regardless of which map you choose to play. Newcomers to tower defense games are going to have a hard time with this one even on the easiest maps because there is a lot to pay attention to. You need to know what towers work best on what type of enemies, where you should place your towers and how many towers you need - not easy by any means. More experienced players, on the other hand, are going to love this one. It offers a decent challenge and isn't quite as complicated as some of the other tower defense games online. The only real downside to this tower defense games when compared with some of the other games in the genre is that you aren't able to change the game play speed. That can be irritating. If you have one solitary Vectoid traveling through the map and you know you have enough towers to finish it off before the exit, waiting for the Vectoid to get to that tower can try your patience. The good thing is that if you plan well, that doesn't really happen all that often. If you are a fan of tower defense games - regardless of your skill or experience level with the genre - you need to give this one a shot. It's far too much fun to pass up.