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Point and click to build new towers or upgrade or sell existing ones.

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Warzone Tower Defense Extended, sequel and follow-up to the popular Warzone Tower Defense, is without a doubt better than its predecessor. There are more maps, more enemies, and more options to choose from, and while the original game is fun to play in its own right, once you've started playing this version of the game, there's no going back.

But, if you didn't play Warzone Tower Defense, here's how to play Warzone Tower Defense Extended (and most other tower defense games). You're given a set amount of money - which you can change with the game mode option at the beginning of the game - and with it you build towers to defend your base from enemy intrusion. While you start with a set amount of money, for every enemy you kill, you're given more. The more money you have, the better your towers are, in turn making enemies easier to kill.

And though it may seem like a simple game premise, it can get quite difficult after a few rounds of enemy waves. The enemies will try to storm your large groups, simply called waves. In between every wave, you'll have ample time to build up your offenses and defenses, or, if you don't need time, you can call on the next wave immediately with the "send now" button (on the bottom right corner of your screen).

You'll have nine different towers to choose from, some towers attacking air units only, while others will only slow down enemies, inflicting no damage while doing so. After you've built these towers, it's essential that you upgrade them, rather than buying more new ones - you'll be able to increase you damage exponentially, making your forces much stronger without adding to their numbers.

When playing Warzone Tower Defense Extended, especially if you've played the first game, you'll notice the enemies are stronger, smarter, and faster than ever before. Besides just having two new maps, you'll have a lot of new features to choose from, and you'll see why they had to make a whole new game for these features. If you're new to tower defense games, you'll want to start with the easier maps and easier game modes, but you'll quickly catch on. And though you may think the first maps are a cake walk, the later maps are nearly impossible to complete.