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When Penguins Attack TD 2 Instructions

As far as control schemes go, When Penguins Attack TD 2 is very standard. To play the game and have fun demolishing these war hungry penguins, all you need to have is a good and working mouse. Click to install your defenses, click for upgrades, click to start the wave, and everything else in between. Onto the game...

When Penguins Attack TD 2 Walkthrough

The war between the human race and the penguins is on! What?! Yeah, you are up against penguins in this game. I'm not too sure why. I mean penguins are playful by nature and they don't mind sharing this world with the human race, right? Anyway, it doesn't matter why and I could care less about who is controlling them. The battle is on: these penguins want to wipe us out and we better be ready if we want any chance of winning. The objective of this tower defense game is very simple: you need to stop those little penguins (I know it's hard... they look cuddly and cute), who are coming from the sea shore, from getting to the other side of the map. Each time a penguin escapes, you lose a life. And when your life is down to zero... GAME OVER! You need to start the game again.

To set up your defenses, you need to purchase towers from the lower left corner of the screen. How do you earn money? Well, you will have some cash right from the onset. Use that to buy the most basic towers. As you kill penguins, you will earn dough... the more penguins you take out, the more cash you earn. And there are various tower upgrades to beef up your defensive perimeter, you sure want to check them out. By the way, this is a free form version of a tower defense game. There are no paths and you need to create one for yourself using the towers and other defensive structures. You need to build in such a way that the penguins would need to travel longer and farther before they can get to the other side of the screen... and you need to use this time to take them out.

I have to warn you: by level 3, you will encounter airborne units. Helicopters to be specific. Unlike your usual penguin enemies, air units are not bothered at all by the path you have created... it doesn't matter how complex or intricate your path is, it will fly directly to its target. I wasn't ready for this and I lost the game on my first try. You better have enough fire power to take out not just penguins but helis too when you get to the third stage. Back to the towers, different towers have different effects - some slow down enemies, others set them on fire. By the way, penguins that are on fire move faster, which makes sense. After all, would you be cruising and walking like you are on a fashion show if you are burning? Hell, I would make the run for it.

Ok, back to the towers, you need to save as much space and use your finances to its maximum potential. To do that, upgrade your towers whenever you get the opportunity. By the way, towers can be upgraded 3 times. You want your defenses to reach their maximum potential especially if you are nearing the end of the game. Also, you may want to try different combinations and weapon placement. This should help you figure out what works against which type of enemies. And one last tip: don't get easy on the penguins... because they won't go easy on you!