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Witch Hunt 2 Instructions

Witch Hunt 2 - in this game, get ready for some mouse abuse! That's especially true for your mouse's left button. So you want to cast a spell? Upgrade your spells? Turn a knight into a frog, make him get fatter and fatter until he bursts? Want to plant an evil tree that will eat your enemies alive? What about laying a swamp as a trap? No problem, for all of these, you only need your mouse's left click. Sounds easy? YES, it sure does until you realize that you are all alone and the villagers (together with Knights, Mages, Wise Men, and everyone else) are out to get inside your house and destroy you!

Witch Hunt 2 Walkthrough

In Witch Hunt 2, you are playing as Nooboo - the evil witch. YES, you have read that right. You are the antagonist, you are the bad guy (or gal in this case). You are the witch who drank up the blood of 100 children to regain her youth. That's the good news. The bad news is that the whole village is out to get you and make you pay for the terrible massacre.

Starting from peasants, followed by knights, bald headed priests, together with blind wise men, white mages, and more - they are just some of the people charging forward and ready to destroy you. Should 5 of these men enter your home, you can kiss your youthfulness goodbye and they will burn you to death.

BUT don't worry - you are armed with truckloads of spells to make sure they don't enter your house and they don't get back to the village alive either. You can turn them into frogs, set pitfalls like swamps (which disappears when it gets filled), plant evil trees that will suck the life out of them, summon ghosts or beautiful dancing women that will distract them...giving you a lot of time to turn them into frogs and kill them one by one.

If there is only one tip I can give you for you to play this game successfully, that is to read every spell - what they do, how many souls they require, who are immune against them, etc. carefully! For example, knights are immune against evil trees. The last thing you want to do is plant a bunch of evil trees, spend all of your acquired souls on it, only to see the knights pass by them unharmed...without being scratched.

Without a doubt, Witch Hunt 2 is NOT for kids. It's bloody, has a dark plot, filled with dark spells, and enemies that speak nonsense. BUT also, without a doubt, Witch Hunt 2 is one fun game to play...especially when it gets dark and you want to unleash the supernatural and witch in you!