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Worlds Guard Instructions

Worlds Guard is controlled by using the mouse.

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Worlds Guard is a tower defense game that both casual players and die-hard fans of the genre can enjoy. This strategy game features well-designed, colorful graphics, epic music, sixteen stages, and twenty achievements.

The objective of Worlds Guard is to prevent enemies from reaching the exit by placing defenses to thwart them. Each time an enemy slips past your defenses, lives will be lost. When all lives are lost, the game will end. There are four worlds to defend, each consisting of four stages each, giving a grand total of sixteen levels. Completion of each level rewards a bronze, silver, or gold star depending upon your performance. Your progress is automatically saved so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this tower defense game. You can also replay previously-beaten levels to attempt to improve your score and earn better stars.

If you are familiar with tower defense games, then you should not have any problem figuring out how to control Worlds Guard. The entire game is controlled by the mouse. Click on a type of tower on the right side of the screen, then click where you want to place it on the stage. To upgrade or sell a tower, click on the tower, then select the appropriate option. You can also drop grenades on enemies by selecting the grenade icon, then clicking on the enemies that you wish to bombard.

Resource management is of great importance in Worlds Guard. Although you only have top manage money, there is no way to earn cash other than destroying enemies. This means that you will have to stretch your starting cash as far as possible. To do this, try to place turrets in positions where they can cover as much ground as possible. Turrets with large attack radii are extremely useful to meet this end. Laser turrets (which serve as poison turrets in this tower defense game) are also useful for saving money since the damage that they deal lingers, allowing them to deal more damage over time than a single shot from a normal turret would. Experiment with different turrets and upgrades to find out which combination allows you to best utilize your funds.

With only sixteen levels, Worlds Guard is a rather brief tower defense game. This brevity does not take way from the challenge that this game poses, however, so hardcore tower defense gamers will still have a blast!