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Xeno Tactic Instructions

Xeno Tactic is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place defenses.

Xeno Tactic Walkthrough

Xeno Tactic is a futuristic tower defense game inspired by Desktop Tower Defense. This strategy game features simple controls, six types of turrets, and six challenging missions.

The objective of Xeno Tactic is to prevent aliens from completing their march across the battle zone. Each time an alien leaves the stage alive, one life is lost. When all lives are lost, the game ends in defeat. Defenses must be placed to prevent the aliens from reaching their goal. When all waves of enemies have been defeated, you will be able to progress to the next level of this tower defense game. Although the game is brief with only six levels, your progress is automatically saved so you can continue from where you left off should you need to quit.

If you are familiar with Desktop Tower Defense, then picking up Xeno Tactic will be easy for you. Click on a type of tower on the right of the screen to read a description of the tower. If you wish to place a tower of that type, click on an open position on the playing field to place it. If you wish to upgrade a tower, click on the tower, then click the upgrade button. Towers and upgrades cost money, and the only way to earn money in this shooting game is by killing aliens, so be sure to choose your turrets wisely!

Like in Desktop Tower Defense, proper placement of turrets is crucial for success in Xeno Tactic. Aliens move by using a shortest path algorithm (with the exception of flying aliens, which will attempt to fly directly to their destination), so creating a complex maze of turrets is the best way to defeat your enemies. For this reason, the basic vulcan turret will be your best friend in this tower defense game. Although it deals little damage, it is cheap and can deal a decent amount of damage to enemies when deployed en masse. When coupled with other turrets, vulcans can be deadly. Be sure to deploy a few anti-air turrets once flying enemies show up; your ground-based towers will have no effect on them!

Xeno Tactic plays like a less-complex version of Desktop Tower Defense. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, and players that were turned off by the complexity and difficulty of Desktop TD may enjoy this shooting game.