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Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion Instructions

Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to place defenses.

Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion Walkthrough

Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion is the sequel to the tower defense game, Xeno Tactic. This iteration of the strategy game features new enemies, new defenses, and three new missions. Although six missions are displayed, only the first three are available in this version of the game.

The first Xeno Tactic was heavily based on Desktop TD, but Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion plays like a more traditional tower defense game. Instead of placing turrets on an open field, you must place them on the side of a path that enemies will travel on. The objective is still to prevent enemies from making it to the end of the path. If enemies slip past your defenses, your shield will be depleted. If your shield has been completely destroyed, you will be defeated and will have to restart the current level. If you manage to defeat all waves of enemies before losing all of your shields, you will unlock the next level. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Some levels of Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion contain forks in the road, allowing enemies to take multiple paths to their destination. You cannot place turrets in the middle of the path to stop them, but you can build walls. It is a good idea to build walls right at the beginning of each mission to limit the mobility of the hostile vehicles. Build turrets along the side of the open path. You are not allowed to completely block the path of enemies in this shooting game, but giving your enemies only one path to follow makes things much easier.

Like its predecessor, this tower defense game features enemy air units. Ground-based turrets cannot fire at airborne targets, so you will have to invest in turrets that are designed to attack flying enemies or capable of attacking both ground and airborne enemies. Flying enemies can zip straight across the screen and do not have to follow the maze, so be sure that the map is covered by the range of your anti-air turrets. The composition of each wave is displayed at the top of the game's interface before it is sent. If you see air units in this description, you know that it is time to build some anti-air defenses!

Xeno Tactic II: Vehicles Invasion is a major change from the first Xeno Tactic, and is a more traditional tower defense game. If you enjoyed the first Xeno Tactic, the changes in gameplay may make this sequel unappealing to you. If you are a fan of the tower defense game genre, however, then you will appreciate this shooting game!