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Bloons Tower Defense 2 Instructions

Point and click to build towers, upgrade existing towers, and sell towers that you don't need.

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defense 2 is the sequel to the popular Bloons Tower Defense - and with it comes new features, new towers, and even new maps (with better difficulty settings!).

In the first Bloons Tower Defense, there was only one map, no difficulty settings, and only five towers. Well, in Bloons Tower Defense 2, we're treated to three new items - the boomerang tower, an off-the-wall choice for any tower defense game, monkey glue - an item that, when placed, slows down enemy bloons, and bloon tacks - an item you can place on the map to destroy enemy bloons without a tower. With these new items comes new strategies, and of course, more fun.

There are three maps to choose from this time: easy, a cloud-based map that gives you 100 lives, medium - a grass-based map similar to the first Bloons Tower Defense that only gives you 75 lives, and hard - a desert-based map that only gives you 50 lives, along with a warning that items in hard mode are even more expensive than usual.

So, to get started, you can build offensive monkey towers right after you've selected your map. Once you're satisfied, hit the "Start Round" button to begin, and in between rounds you'll be able to upgrade your towers and sell any that you don't need any more. If you have enough money, you can purchase new towers and items, namely the Super Monkey Tower - again, the only tower worth having towards the end of the game. But at whopping 3400 gold, it might be a while before you can afford it.

If you liked the original Bloons Tower Defense, you'll love Bloons Tower Defense 2 - it's simple, concise, and there's almost a thousand different ways to beat it.