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Penguins Attack TD 3 Instructions

Penguins Attack TD 3 uses the mouse as its control device. Interact with the game's interface and place towers by using the mouse.

Penguins Attack TD 3 Walkthrough

Penguins Attack TD 3 is the third game of the When Penguins Attack series of tower defense games (the "When" was omitted from the title in the second game). Penguins Attack TD 3 features the same general gameplay and graphics as its predecessors along with fifteen new levels.

The objective of Penguins Attack TD 3 is to prevent the penguins from reaching the finish line. Each time a penguin passes the finish line, you lose one life. If all lives are lost, the game will end in defeat. To stop the onslaught of flightless birds, you must build and upgrade towers. Once all waves of enemies have been repelled, you will advance to the next level. Your progress is automatically saved in this tower defense game, so you can continue from where you left off at a later time. If you have an account with Armor Games, you will be able to continue your campaign from any computer, but if you do not have an Armor Games account, your game will only be saved locally on the computer that you are playing from.

Veterans of the tower defense game genre will have a shallow learning curve in Penguins Attack TD 3. Place towers by selecting the type of tower that you wish to place and clicking on the ground where you wish to place it. To upgrade towers, click on a tower, then click on the upgrade button. Upgrading towers is essential later in levels when powerful enemies begin to appear.

The experience system from Penguins Attack TD 2 is used once again in this tower defense game. Killing enemies fills the level up bar. When the bar is full, you can choose between one of three upgrades. I advise choosing the monetary upgrade first, which will grant you more starting money. The second upgrade that you should choose is the ability to upgrade towers. After you have a satisfactory amount of starting cash and the ability to upgrade the potency of your towers, you may then wish to unlock additional types of defenses.

Penguins Attack TD 3 may not be a very innovative game, but it is a solid tower defense game that fans of the genre will enjoy. The series does raise questions, however. Why are penguins attacking? Is it a metaphor for the rise of Linux against other operating systems? Whether this shooting game has a deeper meaning or not, it certainly is entertaining!